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The Platform

The TelcoSource Auction Platform is as simple to use as it is powerful. It allows purchasers of Telecom Services, Broadband, IT, Software, Equipment and Special Projects to streamline the Request for Proposal (RFP) and bidding response process. This efficient tool is designed specifically for telecom, Equipment, IT and technology purchases. Purchasers can now organize purchasing requirements online, invite both current and new suppliers to the process and coordinate all informational exchanges in one place to ensure transparency and efficiency. The platform was built by executives with over 100 years of e-procurement and telecom purchasing experience to be both responsive to the unique needs of these transactions and flexible enough to handle a diverse number and scope of events.

One can cut costs by automating the procurement process and eliminating much of the paperwork shuffle that conventional purchasing inevitably spurs with an expensive proprietary platform. However, automation addresses only transactions costs. The TelcoSource Auction platform allows you to actually slice the price of the goods and services purchased within a vibrant Marketplace which attracts the complete vendor community. That's a formula for far bigger savings!

Purchaser Control and Choice

The Purchaser maintains control of the process as they choose to launch either an e-RFP process or elects to run a dynamic Reverse Auction to obtain unprecedented pricing. The platform makes it easy to organize and communicate with your existing vendor community while also providing you options to increase the scope of vendors through our "Selected Vendor" list. Suppliers are encouraged to compete head to head for your orders in a dynamic environment which yields pricing up to 30% below market.

The Auction

The auction itself is a highly charged event - called a "Reverse or Dutch" auction because the price starts high and moves downward. With Live online feedback, suppliers don't have to guess what their competitors are up to - they are able to see in real time exactly how much the opposition is bidding (not who the bidder is), - and how low they must go to win the order. The whole event is transparent, powerful and provides a complete audit trail within a secure and neutral environment. Purchasers save time and money as real and valid competitive leverage does the hard work of securing the best deal. Suppliers enjoy the ability to deal quickly and efficiently with REAL Purchasers who are ready, willing and able to make a commitment.

The Electronic RFP

Purchasers may elect to run an electronic RFP process either instead of or prior to an Auction event. This process allows purchasers the ability to disseminate and collect proposals from the vendor community. Unlike a Reverse Auction, there is no Reserve Price or ethical commitment by the buyer to contract with a qualified bidder. While the Auction creates the most leverage, the electronic RFP may be the right choice for certain Purchasers in certain circumstances.


Our goal is to make the TelcoSource Platform the premier tool within the industry for purchasing professionals. This vibrant and powerful tool has been made available for use to all purchasers free of charge*. Thatís right, no big capital outlays to build an e-procurement system, endless hours in user design and training sessions and the constant worry of producing a failed system. Instead, Purchasers can begin immediately to use our professionally designed system free of charge*.

*Each purchaser is provided with an initial set of free credits. Credits are expended by running an e-RFP or Reverse Auction. Additional credits are earned by successfully completing purchases with vendors who participated in either an e-RFP or Auction event. Valid Purchasers who complete a reasonable number of transactions will find that they always have a bank of credits, making the platform free to use.

Credits are deposited to user accounts by TelcoSource at its discretion based on user history. Purchasers may use the platform for quoting using the e-RFP option only. However, frequent quoting and RFQís may minimize price responsiveness from vendors and exhaust the purchaserís credits, at which point additional credits may be purchased from TelcoSource for a reasonable fee.

The system is designed such that purchasing professionals can begin using it immediately. Our auction professionals are available to help you get started. For more complex events, we offer additional assistance through our consultancy services offering which is priced upon request.

Registration and participation is free to Suppliers as well. Suppliers who register, partake in and win an event which results in a contract for revenue pay a reasonable and customary agency commission as detailed in the Terms and Conditions document. Suppliers only pay when the platform yields contracts and revenues for a true win-win relationship.

So that is it! Simple, free to use, professionally designed and powerful. To get started choose:

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